Turn any tabletop to a nano shop

Being compact, our 'nano' sized vending box can be placed seamlessly into any space.

Nanobar focuses on selling travel essential gear through O2O. We provide a managed nano store at no upfront cost. Using local area knowledge and data, we customise our store supply to match customer's wants and needs.
How It Works
Items can be purchased from Nanobar in 3 simple steps. No App required.

1.  Select Products
Select one or multiple
2. Checkout
Payment through debit/credit card
3. Collect 
Relevant compartment doors will open
Hoteliers / Airbnb Management
• New method of ancillary revenue
• Reduced overhead cost 
• Fully tracked inventory 
• Open 24/7
Retail / Online Brands
• Low cost, easy to deploy
• Small inventory per store
•Deploy more locations for coverage
• Open 24/7
Guests / Customers
• Grab items right your fingertips 
• Cheaper than convenience store
• Latest / quality gear
• Open 24/7
Interested in a Nanobar?
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