How does Nanobar work?

Nanobar is like a vending machine, you browse items by scanning the QR code next to the machine, where it takes you to a mobile site, no app download necessary. Item description can be found by pressing on the image. Payment is done online, we currently accept debit or credit cards (Other payment methods coming soon).
Help! the compartment door did not open.

In the unlikely event the door could not open, please take note on time of purchase, along with a short video clip of the issue. Send the info along to: 

Email: help@nanobar.io
Subject: Help, door did not open
Content: Item purchased, purchase location, time of purchase and video clip.

Our support team will review and revert back a refund.

All items sold are non refundable, with the exception of an item being defective or the machine door compartment did not open.
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